Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rombongan Meminang

Delaqroux Inc Updates!

Now this blogpost was supposed to be made this morning when i was so friggin pissed at something (Anger - fueling blogpost since... blogs were invented). But it's 6.34pm in the evening and the anger's pretty much all put out by today's awesome rainy weather.

And then, i watched some Bro Team episodes and i think i can get my rage back on.

To start it off, it was a Sunday morning, aka a weekend morning. Considering the fact that i have LDP (stands for Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan) the day before, Sunday's pretty much what's left of my weekend. And because there's only two days on a weekend, Sunday's pretty much what's left of my weekend. And being a 23 year old gentlemen living an active, adrenalined fueled lifestyle, i wanted to stay in bed at least til 12pm. After all, Sunday's pretty much what's left of my weekend.

That is, until a hear some really effed up, infinite honking outside my house. Like, seriously, super loud honking of hundreds of cars all at once. Now, it's either something really awesome was taking place outside (like someone thought of a flash-car-mob revolution) or something really terrible that the people inside those cars cant do anything else but to honk for help. So, me, woken up from my sleep, peeked out of my window.

And what do i saw?

Rombongan meminang.

Yeah! Fucking ZING! I dunno what sort of happy pills these people are taking but somehow, they replaced the ol' graceful, poetic slammin' between the rombongan meminang and the house's host with dumbed-down, highly retarded, chain of endless car honks - and all at 7am in the  morning! It's that supposed to be cultural? Or you guys are so happy that everyone else's happiness (of sleeping on a weekend) doesnt matter anymore to you? Seriously, death of a Malay culture? Happy pills? All their cars are belongs to theirs? I dunno what the hell these people are thinking but I invite the whole world to agree with me that what ever they were doing was retarded.

Frankly, married people are not so much in my favourite people list.... well, yeah, okay, i dont have a favourite people list. But the point is; i often see married people (or those related to married people or a marriage) can be quite ignorant in aplenty of scenarios (i'll cover that sometime later in the future). And this case, just topped it all.

Til then, Sunday's pretty much what's left of my weekend.
Delaqroux Out

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